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I'm A Free Bitch

Hi ! :) My Name is Kristelle ,.. 18 yrs. old from Philippines , Well obviously I'm a huge fan of Gaga... She inspire me a lot i love her so much .. I'm obsessively opposed to the typical .. i always have positive outlook in life .. Keep Calm It Gets Better .. ^_^
Aug 31 '14


Aug 30 '14
Aug 23 '14
Aug 22 '14


não tinha nada pra fazer não tava conseguindo dormir então lembrei que tinha um tumblr de icons da gaga e fiz esse post, deem créditos no @artpoplixo


Aug 21 '14


Katy Perry “Inspired” by Lady Gaga

More recently, the pizza suit (aka a less meaningful version of the meat dress)

Seashell bra (TRYING to be leaves, but clearly, just seashells painted bright green)

Green hair

Teal Hair

Firework bra

Shooting weird shit out of her boobs for Rolling Stone

Mechanical horse

The teeth (grill)

Puking green

The eyeliner from You And I music video

Wearing random shapes as hats

The Born This Way blonde updo

Jo Calderone ripoff (not nearly as hot)

Please add more when they come to mind :)

Aug 19 '14

@ladygaga: #IceBucketChallenge #ALS #SharePainShowCompassion I nominate Adele, Michael Rapino, Vincent Herbert, and Arthur Fogel 

Donate to The ALS Association here to show your support!

The cold never bother her anyway … 

(Source: ladyxgaga)

Aug 14 '14
Aug 13 '14



Mourners visited sites from Robin Williams’ movies — laying flowers and memorabilia in his honor. 

Aug 9 '14



without psd 

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My Kinky Queen~ 

Aug 8 '14